Monday, March 15, 2010


The Hubben and I had our first weekend away without the baby, as guests at our friend's wedding...


It was hands-down, the most beautiful wedding we had ever been to.

The bride was a knock-out. Even the Hubs was wowed, and he's a dude.

We felt like we we're in a movie. It was celebrimony status, fo' sho'.

(I canNOT wait to see the pictures. It was epic.)

As it was a black-tie affair, we had to get all gussied up, which was nice after spending the last four months in yoga pants, covered in spit-up.

A(n?) LBD was a welcome change (Thank Heavens for Spanx.)for both myself and the mister. Haha!

I HAAAATED being away from O, but I know it was good for us to enjoy some time as just adults-not as Mommy and Daddy.

We cleaned up nicely:

My Husband is one sexy bitch in a suit and tie.

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WhisperingWriter said...

Sounds like fun! You guys look great.