Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An extension and perhaps resolution of earlier's post....

About a year ago, after being frustrated to no end with Blogger, I decided to import my blog from that site into WordPress….

I don’t really know what happened after that.

But I’m back to being disgusted with with Blogger, so I'm moving on over...

To a newish WordPress Casa.

I installed the WP app on mah phone and everythiiiiing!
(oooh. commitment.)

Even installed all the posts from my old poetry blog into this one, so we’re getting all SORTS of comprehensive up in the joint.

I’m gonna give it another go…

I’ll keep my Blogger up as well until I have everything sorted out.
I’m excited, and I hope I can make this work…

Check it out, and report back to me would ya?

iPhone, iBlog, iFail.

I have several posts I want to write, such as:

Our return to toddler-sleep Hell

Our failed attempt at family pictures

Our son's constant crankiness

Our visit to CHOC LA & the Ronald MCDonald House

But before I try to tackle that-I need to address an issue with y'all...


I have been TERRIBLE at answering them and I'm sorry.

A lot of the problem is over the last few months, I've been doing everything on my phone because our computer is upstairs and the stairs and I aren't really on speaking terms...

My phone is great, but for some reason, blogger is often very uncooperative in the i-format.

Complicating matters is Intense Debate. I installed it in the effort to connect more thoroughly with commenters, but mostly?

It's been a pain in the ass, because I never know when it's gonna work.

On top of that, ID and Blogger comments sections aren't compatible, so they're constantly canceling each other out.


I tried to fix everything via my phone, but no dice.

I need to hobble my ass upstairs and spend some time on our actual computer and clean things up/out.

Being FULLY aware that all of my problems could just be user-error.

I no haz teh tekh-savveez.

I'm also back to considering a move to Wordpress, but I don't know if that would be better or worse.

All that to say:

I'm not ignoring you guys, and I love every comment and appreciate it!
Thank you!

I'll figure it out eventually....

Do any of you blog via your iPhone?
Do you use Blogger or WordPress?
Any tips?

Monday, June 4, 2012

8 weeks to go...

The latest in BabyGirl's pending arrival:

I'm 31 weeks today.

Section is scheduled for 39 weeks.
July 30th.

We are taking Maternity shots on Fri.

We had a 3D US, but she would NOT cooperate. We only got like one decent pic...Sad.

Having Braxton Hicks often.

Also? Strange feeling she's gonna come early...which scares the bejeezus out me.

Even so-

Holy shitballs, kids.

I'm so ready for P to get here!

I can barely move anymore.

My joints are all locked up , and it hurts just to get across the room.

Someone has to help me up/down the stairs every time.

Picking O up outta the question--which blows. I feel like I'm neglecting him...

I can't sleep, and pretty much spend the night in my chair cursing my body (and my snoring spouse) til 2-3am when exhaustion finally takes over and I FINALLY pass out.

Summation? Useless and trapped.
And cranky.

The next 8 weeks need to go by fast!
I be losin' Mah MIND.

We're totally unprepared for her arrival, by the way...

Nothing stocked or set up.

We keep trying to, but something always thwarts us, pushing it aside for "later."

(not that I can do a lot anymore ANYWAY-but still)

I am not a "later" or "do as needed" type of gal, and as such, I'm getting kinda panicky, but I've given up hope of getting anything done until after my shower....

Which is in 3 weeks.

After which, I'll be driving my Husband crazy while I supervise/coax/beg/threaten him as he does all the stuff I'd rather be doing myself.

In the meantime, I'll be here...sitting...watching my feet and ankles balloon...