Sometimes? I try to be Artsy.

And I write poetry.  I know, it's cliche.  Yet, here we are.
It's been a good long while since I've written, but I'm hoping to hop back on the pen in 2011.

Check it out over at:
Sewing Hearts on Sleeves

This was the original profile for the blog:

I'm using this blog to push myself to make my poetry (if only slightly) more public--so what you will find below this post is all of my poetry from 2000 to to the present-- The Good (maybe?), the Bad (certainly!), and even the Ugly (commonly...). 

I love to write, it's the cheapest and sometimes best, form of therapy. It helps me to clear my mind, expunge my ills, and sharpen my creativity.

 I hope that any readers I may have leave me their thoughts and/or feedback, and if anyone has anything to share, I'd love to read it!
I attempted to post chronologically, but somewhere along the way that process went awry, so it's a bit mixed, but each piece is tagged with the year in which I wrote it.

I'll leave you now to read....

Like I said, some of it? A little rough....

But hang in there! Sift through! Leave feedback! 

That'd be swell.