Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Means Well Mondays! Ed. 2

(How is it Monday already?!)

Mommy Means Well Mondays: Ed. 2

Where I give you advice, tips, or just rant about life/motherhood. Whether you ask for it or not. Yay!

This week, someone DID ask a question (it's legit-PROMISE):

"Queen" Vic writes...
"I dont have kids (yet), but I teach 2nd graders and I've always wanted to know how parents deal with giving their kids the best with out spoiling them (I've only seen this done successfully a handful of times, I think!)"

MMWM Answers...
I haven't been a mom for very long, so to claim any sort of expertise in that matter would be ridiculous, but here's what I think is the key thing to remember when trying to not spoil your mini-me:

You're like so totally NOT their BFF.
[Say WHAAT?]

We all want our children to think that we're cool, and we all want our kids to be our BFFs. Why? Because Damn it!

We're not going to be ridiculously unfair [Read: Assholes] like our parents were. We "get it" like they never did, right?

Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, it is not our job to be cool (we're sooo not anymore, BTW.), and it's sure as shit not our job to be our child's BFF.

That's what the playground is for. Well, that and abject humiliation, but ya gotta take the good with the bad...

Our job is (DEEP breath here, guys.) to: LAY DOWN THE LAW*.

To guide them, to establish boundaries and teach them that their actions have consequence.

I'm not saying to get all Mommie Dearest, about it, I'm just saying that trying to be the "cool mom" is like a fastpass to Lohan-Land.

And nobody wants that.

Well, that wraps up MMWM for this week!

(It's okay to breathe as you wait on pins and needles for next week's heaping helping of helpfulness.)

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*Foot Note:

I think it's important to recognize that every child is different, so you really have to tune into your child's learning style and disposition to best communicate (every child deserves to be talked TO, not AT)-and therefore establish boundaries with him/her, creating a healthy parent/child relationship.


Endellion said...

my moms not my bff? =(

JayneSees said...

Well, she may be, but hopefully not in that "Dina Lohan" kinda way... ;)