Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Notorious B.I.N.K.

O was never supposed to be a binky baby.

But in trying to teach him to latch, the hospital nurses gave him one, and the love affair began...

A boy and his bink.

Now, he's almost 2 and a half.

He still loooooves his bink.

In the last few months however, his bink is the thorn in my side.

It's the ONLY thing that calms him down.

It's a battle at mealtimes.

Also? The Huz had started throwing disapproving harrumphs in my general direction...

Friday night as he screamed at me because I took it out of his mouth for dinner, I decided I'd HAD it.

So I took binky and he didn't get it back.

I figured if we were able to go binky-less Fri-Sun, we would be free from the bondage of binky.

Simple, right?

(Silly, naive mommy.)

We made it through bed (after an epic meltdown) Friday night and all day Saturday.

He was miserable, I was miserable and Mr. Harrumphs-a-lot was suddenly singing the "he's just a baby" tune.

I felt like a monster, and my turncoat of a husband was not helping, but I was determined!

We were going to kick this habit!!

Saturday night, we put him down to bed and the hysterics ensued, but 20 minutes later he was asleep.

It was getting better!

You know, or not...

We went in to check on him before we went to bed, and guess who was happily snoring away in his bed with a bink stuck in his gob?

My darling angelboy.
I swear he stashed that sucker...


I almost cried.

I felt like we were back at square one and all his tears were for nothing.

So we took it while he slumbered, and resolved to start tomorrow anew.


We made it till about 2pm this afternoon...

Huz decided he wanted to go to Disneyland.

(he's all sad-sack b/c our passes expire soon and we're not renewing)

I said nay to this excursion because it was supposed to be cold and rainy.

He insisted I was wrong, and off we went...

A couple hours later we were loading our wet and miserable selves back into the car.


O was soaked and tired, but not not so much so that he couldn't still be righteously pissed about leaving Mickey's House....


It was obvious that he needed to fall asleep, but he was fighting it with all his stubborn fury.

I caved, people.
I just did.

I was tired, drenched and pregnant.
30 minutes of screaming all the way home?

Fuck and NO.

So we gave him a bink.

Thirty Seconds.
I kid you not...
He was OUT.

We've now decided to only give it to him at nap/bedtime, removing it as soon as he falls asleep.

We hoping to then take it away at naptime and so on...

We'd tried this method before, to no avail, but maybe this will be more successful because he's a bit older...

He doesn't give a rip about rewards or binky boxes, paci-fairies, bigboy speeches or the like....

You put holes in it?

And obstinate.
Basically, he's me.

Annnd we have a girl on the way?

I fear I have tread into deep shit...

Potty training may kill us all.
(He has ZERO interest in that, btw.)

Diapers for Everyone!!


Cave Momma said...

Oh darlin. We took Olivia's paci away around 2 years old and I regretted it. She only used it at bedtime and nap time and it killed her nap. Dead. No.More.Nap. Now, I know you already have nap issues with him. But really, it's ok if you give it more time and just keep it to sleep. Also? Here is a post that may give you some peace of mind on the matter:

Do not let others make you feel bad for whatever you choose. But I totally feel you. Also? He will totally be ok if you do take it. Though it will take him a good 1-2 weeks to get there. Wish I was closer to help you out.

Danna said...

Our older two girls finally ditched the binky around three years old. I think we started doing naptime/bedtime around 2 or so. Then, when we decided to enter the "NO BINKY ZONE" {eek!} we cut the nipple of it off and let them hold onto the plastic part and they were golden.
Abby though, was never that into the binky but once we decided to take it away she became SUPER attached to it. She even started to suck her thumb/fingers. I popped that binky right back in her mouth. Now, we are back to naptime/bedtime binky only.
Long story short, I agree with Cave Momma. Do what you guys need to do. The binky will get kicked eventually, big hugs mama. I'm right there with ya!

Leighannn said...

My daughter has a soother. We call it a MeMe. It's her best friend.
We don't let her have it out at stores or while playing but at nap time and bedtime its hers!!
I'm in no rush.

Jaime White said...

My kids never did the binky thing...but I say let him have it for a while longer if it makes your life easier.

Also the potty training thing? Yeah, Freddie is totally freaked out by the potty. I ask him if he wants to go on the potty...his eyes get wide and he shakes his head furiously screaming "NO, NO, NO!"