Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet potato pancakes, grits, and gorgeous veils, OH my!

Today has been a weird day. First poor Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer, and then MJ has a heart attack....While it is a sad day for the pop culture community and world at large, at risk of sounding disrespectful, I'm glad they're gone, b/c at least they're (hopefully) at peace. Ms. Fawcett was undoubtedly in immeasurable amounts of pain--in hell, and Mr. Jackson was well, immeasurably fucked up, so in his own brand of hell all the same.

But that's all I'm going to say about that....

On to happier things:

Our trip to Atlanta went REALLY well. It was so much fun, but OH MY SWELTERING. So hot!

Husband went off to "rough it" with the boys in the woods of North Carolina (if a swank cabin with flat screens, beds, and a jacuzzi coupled with frat-level drinking games are part of a general wilderness motif), and I stayed in Hotlanta with my new SIL and her friends. They were a fantastic group of women, and so sweet.

The weekend was filled with fantastic food (my life is forever-changed after the introduction of Moose Tracks), bridal celebrations, drunken texts (from the boys), silly pictures, and scandalous lingerie (all in the name of

All in all, the makings of a memorable weekend.

I loved getting to spend time with my SIL-to-be, as we really didn't know each other AT ALL before this trip. After, however, we've discovered a menagerie of commonalities and have made a pact. Haha.

The best part of the trip was being able to go with her to try on her dress and be a part of the veil-choosing. Dealing with the aging Southern Debutante, not so much.

To the woman's credit though, she did show us one of the coolest tricks to do with your veil that I have ever seen.

As far as little Owen, we are in 20th week, and feeling pretty good. All I want to do is eat, which kind of freaks me out, because I want to be really careful about my weight gain, and unfortunately, I'm not craving veggies and cottage cheese, if you know what I mean....

We have our scheduled U/S through the perinatal office on the 29th. This was supposed to be our anatomy screen, but as you all know, I jumped the gun, and went to a third-party place on my own.

I'm nervous that this U/S will tell us that it's a girl. Not that we'll be any LESS thrilled, it will just be kind of JUST KIDDING. Sorry, Owen. You'll now be known as Olivia. Awkward!

In reality, all I care about is that he's healthy, which is why I love U/S's because you can get a more accurate reading of the heartbeat, position, movement, measurements, etc. If I had it my way, I'd have one every month! Haha.

In other baby news, I've started the prep for baby shower time!

I think I'll put all of that in a separate post though, as I'm starting to lose focus! Oy! Mommy brain!


Kat said...

My 2nd u/s with Serena, the lady looked at me and said "They told you it's a girl. huh." Luckily, obviously, she was wrong.
So glad you had a wonderful trip to the south, and I am even more glad that Baby is doing well!!!

Margaret said...


JayneSees said...

MarMar--I know, Right?! How had I LIVED before then? I just don't know....