Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not having the Internet is HARD.

How sad is that?

Wasn't there a time we lived with out it?
(I choose not to remember that dark, oppressive time....)

Our internet was down for 8-10 days. It was like an ETERNITY.

I do everrrrrrything on the computer.
Banking, Bills, Shopping, Correspondence, Photos, Calendars, etc.

Apparently, my whole life (and several relationships) are bound to the intertoooobs.

Again, SAD.

What happened to phone chats and powwows over coffee? Face-to-Face interaction?

Facebook, that's what happened.
{Well, and busy lives, but mostly Facebook}

But what did I do as soon as the World Wide Web was up and being world-widey?

I hopped onto Bofa, Gmail, Facebook, and Blogger, as fast as those little windows would load...

...And I felt like I'd been let back into civilization. I breathed DEEP.

I missed you guys.

(Judge me, it's okay.)

1 comment:

Alisa Marie said...

I hear ya girl!

Can you believe how dependent were gotten?!?!?!

Serious. BUt thats to this lovely internet, i've become re-aquanited with my old roomie! Love you girl, and that beautiful baby boy.