Friday, May 7, 2010

Things are only slightly different.

In honor of Mother's Day, I got to thinking about how much my son has changed my life...

It's beyond amazing. I love him so much, it sometimes hurts. Does anyone else experience that? It's a capacity that astounds me everyday.

He's made me a gentler, happier person. He's just awesome that way.

Other things have changed too.

I used to have at-home spa nights for myself.


I keep cleansing wipes by the toilet so I can run one over my face when I get a chance to pee.

[Speaking of which, I now know how to do with someone on my lap, and I usually pee with the door open--no shame.}

I used to enjoy long, hot showers and deep conditioning treatments.


I sometimes can't remember when was the last time I showered and I find myself wondering if my husband would really mind if I started using his Old Spice all-in-one hair/body wash for expediency.

I used to enjoy my meals, remembering to eat slowly, engaging in conversation.


I shovel it in like it's trying to run away from me. You never know when that window of opportunity might close. Eat fast, or don't eat.

I used to keep up on politics and current events.


Burt and Ernie's arguments over whether it's fun to sing or not is about as political as I get, and I'm lucky if I know what day it is.

I used to wear perfume and lipstick.


I smell like spit up and am covered in slobber. It's a good look.

I used to think: Sex? Why not? I'm on it! (No pun intended)


Sex? Why? I'm tired!
(Sorry, Honey.)

I used to roll out of bed at noon whenever given the chance and luxuriate in our big bed.


I wake up to the cutest toothless grin you've ever seen, and am continually surprised at the ability his tiny body has to take up a king-sized bed.

I wouldn't go back to my old life for a second (Okaaay, so maybe for 30 minutes. I miss having groomed eyebrows and exfoliating!)! All the sleepless nights, slobbery messes and stretch marks are worth it in such a profound way, I don't think it can be explained.

Being a Mommy has been a dream and life-goal of mine forever and having it come true has not disappointed.

I'm pretty sure my other dream of international pop-stardom would have.

[No joke, Career Day as a kid, I wanted to be Tiffany. Did anyone see her ungodly turn as an "actress" on SyFy? No? Just me? It's just as well.}


Kat said...

I was ut to dinner once with a bunch of moms (sans kids) and we all realized we were shoveling the food down...only the kids weren't's like when you find yourself rocking back and you're holding a baby, but you're by yuorself in line at Target. Ah, being a mom.

WhisperingWriter said...

Great post.

I hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!