Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jaaaaay! Ohhhhh! Beeeeeeeee!

Huz got the job!
I'm so excited, you'd think I got the job or something...psssht!

He starts on the 19th.

To celebrate, we had lunch at Jack in the Box.
(I know, living the dreeeeaaaam.....)

We're both nervous though, as this is a very different position for him, as it is ALL sales.
He's had sales jobs before, but this takes it to a different level.

We were kinda skeptical about sales jobs in the beginning, because we've both experienced the seedier side of sales, and the hell that is working for commission-only....shudder...

BUT, this company is reputable, established and is NOT comm-only.

Pay is salaried plus commission, so we can live with that.
Also? The base pay is more than he was making before and they offer benefits.

He gets a gas stipend, work laptop/phone (a smart one, even!) too!. 

He'll be working much longer hours than he was before, like 60 hrs a week (but as we all know, it's hard to get anywhere career-wise working only 40)  and for the first 30 to 90 days he'll have to commute from Rancho to Burbank every day....kinda gross, right?

But, hey! It's a paycheck! A glorious, steady paycheck!

Still, it'll be a tough transition. For all of us.
Especially with Huz having been home for the last 4 months.

We will adjust though (like you do), and be fine, I'm sure.
 Please keep us in your thoughts as we do all this easy-breezy adjusting though, kay? Thanks!

We are over-the-freaking-moon...
Hopeful that maybe this will be the start of some good things for our family.
We could really use some good things...

HUGE THANKS to all of you who've cheered us on, sent us job links, and were generally awesome in our lives! It means a lot, and your support is invaluable!

Much love!


Hamlet's Mistress said...

Yay!!! So happy for you all!!

Stasha said...


You can not see me right now but I am doing the *HAPPY DANCE OF JOY*!!!!


So, so happy for you!

Danna said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!

thepsychobabble said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Leighannn said...

I am so very happy for you and your family.
this is fantastic news!
How wonderful that he's not only landed a job, but one that pays more!
Good things are happening my friend!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy for you & the family. The best is yet to come. Big hug!

The Sweetest said...

When things hit rock bottom something awesome is always just around the corner, even though it's hard to remember that at the time. So happy for you!

Bwendo said...


Is always a new page starting a new job!

Good for You!

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