Monday, April 20, 2009

The Cat is (all the way) Outta the Bag....

So we finally told my husband's grandparents, aunt and uncle last about the baby last night.

They were sort of the last hold-outs as far as telling because we wanted to wait til were were further along, and with all of Nana's health issues, we wanted to wait for a time when she was feeling at least slightly better.

They all took it in stride. I think my husband was disappointed that they weren't more excited, or ebullient rather, but I think that to them, it was kinda a given.


His Nana was like: I knew you guys would have a baby soon!

Don't get me wrong, they were happy for us. It was a demand, not a request that we come home for Christmas...hopefully the baby will be old enough to travel.

It's so funny, because initially we wanted to not have ANYONE know until about now, but it just didn't work that way...

We told his parents, who tried to keep it a secret, then we told my mom who couldn't keep it a secret if her life depended on it, and immediately told everyone who would listen, and then my husband and I were so excited that we told some of our close friends, and it just spread like wildfire from there.

So yeah, we kinda blew it, but oh well!

It's harder to keep in happy news, I've noticed....

We hoping that once we know what the sex of the baby is, we can send out formal announcements to everyone, maybe with a maternity photo...

So yay! The family knows!

On to another topic:


I'm sitting here in my underwear, and I still feel like I'm melting.

...and on that note of TMI, perhaps I should end this entry.

PS. Thank you to all of you who left such loving and supportive comments on my last blog. Sorry that it was such a "debbie-downer," and I really appreciate the awesomeness from you guys!


Victory Bird said...

Yay everyone knows! Thank you for procreating and giving me an excuse to purchase profuse amounts of baby gear. We're thinking a Thanksgiving visit to CA, rather than Christmas in WV. Props on winning first grandchild, ha!

Kat said...

Wanna know an interesting semi-useless fact? Pregnant women are hotter than everyone else because blood vloume rasies up by 1/3 due to the added organs to support, ie plancenta and umbilical cord. Blame it on pregnancy!

JayneSees said...

Victory-You are welcome! Anything i can do to help someone shop! Haha.

Thanksgiving would be fun! That's going to be a crazy time, the baby will just have been born!

We're most definitely going to go back to WV either at Xmas or just after, b/c with the way Nana's health is, we want to make sure we get out to see her, especially so she can see the peanut!