Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Daddy? Who? Ohhh, yeah.....

I love my husband. He really is the best husband I could ask for.

Sure, he's kinda (okay, IS) a slob-- clothes will make it to the front of instead of IN the hamper, and I think his relationship with his Xbox sometimes borders on cheating, but even so...he is amazing.

Because while there are things that make me want to strangle my husband from time to time, when I really evaluate them all, those things don't really matter.

Why the sudden gush of sentiment?

I was thinking about this blog, and all of the things that I think about in reference to the pregnancy, etc., and it dawned on me that I had not talked about a crucial part of this whole process:

The father.

What's he doing during all of this? Is he excited too? Is he concerned with being a good parent? How does he feel about me as his wife, now that I'm pregnant?

It's the answers to the questions that make me so incredibly grateful that we've been able to make it through various trials to being married and expecting a child.

He's so excited to be a father. He's also scared to death, because he just wants so badly to be a good one. He can't wait for it all to begin.

In the meantime, he's in awe of this whole process.

We received an expectant father's book as a gift, but he's way more interested in all the books I'm reading, because the changes my body is going through both fascinates and worries him.

He comes home from work, and this is what (almost on a daily basis) I hear:

"Hi, honey! I missed was your day? Did you eat? Have you had any weird pains? Do your boobs hurt? Can you feel the baby move yet? Do you feel good? Are you sure? Do you need a nap?"

It cracks me up.

He worries like a mother hen.

He is perfectly confident in my ability to be a mother, but he is so freaked out that the pregnancy is going to kill me or something. Seriously.

He told me, that THAT is what he thinks about at night. My dying in childbirth, and how if that happened, he would fall apart.

If it weren't so sad, I'd laugh, because it's just so over-the-top, but he's genuinely afraid.

He's always worried about me like that. Even before we got pregnant.

A cold is the plague...
A headache? Obviously, a brain tumor.
Random Bruise? Bone Cancer.

He's a bit ridiculous, to say the least, but I've come to realize that he just wants to make sure that he has done everything to take care of me.

He's been SUCH a peach during the pregnancy so far.

He holds my hair back while I puke....and tells me I'm beautiful.

11:45pm and I want a sandwich? He's alllllll over it. Even though it's probably not going to stick...

He doesn't begrudge me for taking up the ENTIRE bed because of weird positions I've taken to sleeping in whilst he clings the edge.

He doesn't make me feel bad for not getting anything done, he applauds it. Haha.

His main goal is to make sure that I am happy, comfortable, and loved.

I know he'll feel that same love and devotion for our child.

What more can you ask for in a husband and father than that?

The laundry to be put away, would be nice....

but I'm not greedy. :)

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