Monday, October 26, 2009

AmniooooOH BOY.

I had my amnio today.

My darling son would NOT STOP MOVING, so they had to manuever that ginormous needle around him....while plunged into my belly.


Pain. Labor Contractions. WOAH.

So after being admitted, hooked up to a monitor, and my uterus calming down, I was finally sent home.

As they were discharging me, I got the results of the amnio...

Owen's lungs are mature and raring to breathe. He is also 10 lbs.

The nurses kept calling him the "Wild Child" because he wouldn't stay still to be monitored, and if they pushed too hard on my belly, he started kicking.


I'm going to give birth to a 10 lb Tasmanian Devil.

(If you listen closely, you can hear faint guffawing from the sky)

While on the topic of my little monster--

I've started a picture blog to document the coming awesomeness that is our son.


Check it out! I hope the blog will be a great place for our friends and family to check out pictures of Owen as they come...which they will in DROVES, I'm sure!

Please Note--

Owen's pictoblog will not be connected to this blog.

Becaaaaaause, this blog contains language and situations that may not be suitable for grandparents...or great-grandparents, etc.

Okay, well that's it for the moment!

Oh, wait. One more thing....

Owen will be here on WEDNESDAY.



Erin said...

It's Wednesday and I've been thinking about you all day! You may be a mommy by now!!!! Yay, you did it!

WhisperingWriter said...

Is he here now??!!

And 10 lbs? OUCH!