Sunday, July 11, 2010

I could TOTALLY be the next Keyser Soze.

I often find myself considering a turn to the life of crime.

Do evil villains bitch about money?
Do they have heart palpitations while being rung up at Costco?
Do they worry about putting their minions through college?

Fuck and No, they do not.

For whatever reason, they be rollin'.

So, I sometimes contemplate switching to the Dark Side.

Besides, no one ever expects the Mommy with the limp.....

(ps. That reason? They have the EEEEBUL. Nice guys finish poor.)

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Margaret said...

Wait, there's no Minion Equivalent of the GI Bill?


Happy Fun Pants said...

AHHH! PLEASE make your blog go back to the way it was! I love reading your posts in Google Reader...but you set something up that makes me have to click to your page to read them.

And that? Feels like PRISON.

Alright, I'm just one reader - and I know you get money when we click through...but consider not doing that?? :)