Friday, July 16, 2010

When Opportunity DOESN'T Knock....

You have conversations like this:

Me (to my MIL): You're totally cool if we stay until the baby starts kindergarten, right? Did I mention that you look stunning today? It's amazing that people don't mistake O for yours!

[My in-laws are awesome, but I doubt they envisioned spending their 50s surrounded by baby gates and Elmo. Who needs Carnival Cruise Lines?!]

We're on Round 3 (DING DING!) of trying to relocate to a lower-cost-of-living state {ie. ANYWHERE but SoCal}, and it looks like we're going KO'd once again (they're against the ropes! They don't gotta CHANCE!). Surprise, surprise.

As it was in the last 2 attempts, we can't find my husband work (in THIS economy, really? NOOO, really?!). Nor do we have the money that it takes to make such a big move and survive finally through the transition.

Having a child really takes the "we'll-just-live-in-the-Jetta" option off the table.

Moving somewhere cheaper is logical in theory, but in our case--our Mt. Saint Orman of debt won't get any smaller and Sallie Mae is still trying to take my son as payment (I'm fending them off with paltry hundreds, but I can't hold out forever)...even if we cross state lines, they'll find me.

"But think of how much you'll save on rent!"

Too true.
But we're not paying any right now. (Thanks, ILs!)

So why do we keep trying?

I guess it's our inner-masochists kicking us on.

Push that boulder, Prometheus! Yah!

That, and we're staring 30 dead in the face.

No one wants to be 30 and living at home.
You might be, but I guarantee, you didn't WANT to.

Isn't 30 official Grown Ass Folk, status?

.....but wait!

If 50 is the new 30, then is 30 the new 10?

If so, we're TOTALLY on track.

We obviously didn't have appropriate parental supervision, as we already have a child, but why point fingers?

[Can't watch your kids every second!]

You could say we just went "traditional" and Laura Ingalls Wilder'd it.

Yep, let's go with that.

SHHHHH. Shut your face and GO.WITH.IT.


Margaret said...

The mud house from the Banks of Plum Creek looks pret-ty damn appealing right about now.

Bride-To-Be said...

It's tough not to get existential, isn't it? If things don't change from month to month, where are years going to lead, right? I hear ya. But at the same time - allow yourself to just accept now as now and roll with it. Times are tough and making it is overrated. Maybe there's some kind of job you could get certified to do from home over the phone or e-mails!?!? IDK, but I wish I did. You're a lovely, charming, awesome woman deserving of getting out from under this.

From where I'm standing you've achieved obtaining the things that I can't ever have the money or ability to work hard enough for - an awesome husband and a healthy baby you made yourself. The uncertainty of possibly NEVER having those things out of life is a lot scarier to me than the idea of not having the funds in my bank account to pay for life's obligations. Count your lucky stars you've got what money can't buy. Money will someday come, it always does, even if it takes a long time to present itself.

And always remember, things can change in an instant. There's a reason for everything and perhaps all this waiting is getting you lined up for the right place at the right time and all will be well before you know it! Keep your chin up!