Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tisket, a Tasket...He Ain't Gettin' in the Damn Basket.

We got to the mall and he was in a GREAT MOOD.
He looked so handsome in his plaid shortalls that his Gigi bought for him.

We get in line and their eyes meet.....

Big smiles all AROUND!

We are so gonna OWN this picture.
 When it's our turn, he walks right up!
Even waving hello!

But then it's time for him to sit in his lap and smile for the camera....


They're friends and all, but they're not THAT close.

There were no screams or tears, but it was clear that there weren't going to be any snuggles or smiles either.


At least it's a step up from our run-in with Santa....

I think.

Guys! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Look at how little he was last year!!!!!!

I may cry.

....excuse me. 


livingsj77 said...

First - the Easter Bunny is fricken scary...I would so not sit on his lap. Giant bunny?!?!? Hello freak of nature.

Second - I was not reading your blog around Christmas so I just looked back at that pic...OMG!!! So cute! How do you stand to be in the same room with that boy and not gobble him up?

Happy Easter!

Daydreaming Fool said...


I happen to think that this is particularly ADORABLE!

Everyone has 'normal' easter pictures..this one tells a story! Love it :)

Danna said...

Oh my goodness, I love the picture! It is so cute how they are looking at each other ;)

Cave Momma said...

That's way better than what I would get. I refuse to even try anymore. And that pic from Christmas? Adorable!

Endellion said...

he didn't take a swing at santa
i just can't stop laughing when i see this it looks like he's about to give a flying uppercut

he calls me wifey said...

first of all: the title of this post? BRILLIANT.

second: i honestly think these imperfect photo ops are better than the perfect ones. i love looking at all the holiday "disaster" photos because they are so human and hilarious. i think you'll look back and laugh.

Amy said...

Aww your bunny isn't creepy!! Maybe because it looks like a puppy lol! I actually think that picture is super cute!

Jayne said...

Jaime- It's really hard not to gobble him up on a daily basis!!

Erin- I actually love the picture, It cracks me up, but I was hoping we'd get one of him grinning. His smile melts me!

Danna-Thank you!

Jeneva-I'm trying to get in as much as I can before the refusals start pouring forth!

H-I know, that's why I bought this one! Ha!

ABH-I LOVE that you were amused by the title. I often title things just to amuse myself. Good to know that someone else giggles with me!

Amy-I think it's cute too. :)

WhisperingWriter said...


Yeah, I don't think my daughter would have tolerated the giant Easter Bunny either.

Jayne said...

Yeah, I could definitely see that! Ha!