Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The one where Jayne is SPOILED ROTTEN...

My 30th Birthday was last Tuesday.
I was kinda dreading it, not because I think 30 is old, but because I think 30 is ADULT.

I did not expect to reach adulthood totally broke and in debt, living with my in-laws....

Yet, here I am.

All broke, adulty and 30.

My sweet spouse was determined that my birthday would be EPIC.
This made me nervous.
Massive attention directed my way STRESSES me OUT.
I may have mentioned that we are broke....


My birthday was ridiculous. AMAZINGLY so.

Started on the Monday before my birthday....

A little surprise shindig at the local sports bar--
Good Food
A Tiara 

What else does a birthday girl need?

A LOT, apparently.....

Because then?

The gifts kept on ROLLING IN.  
Remember my B-day list?
Go look at it.
TOTAL gift carnage!
Way too much!


Club 33. 
As in the exclusive, Members ONLY, 5-star restaurant-hidden-in-Disneyland, Club 33.

My family totally punked me too.
I thought we we going to some other restaurant for a little birthday dinner....

Ummmmm, no.
I sipped champagne while wearing Mickey Ears.

Bestest part? They surprised me with 2 of our closest friends, who are also huuuge Disneyphiles like us...
I LOVED that they were there to share the experience with us.

This place was MAJOR. 
The food, the ambiance, the disney-done-supah-faaaaaancy, it fabulously unreal.

Okay, so enough is ENOUGH, right?


There were more presents...
Yep, more.
I won't list them all--seems tacky...ahem..


Remember the bag that I was obsessed with?

O got it for his Mommy.
Apparently, my toddler has quite the bankroll....

It's as gorgeous as I thought it would be.
And cavernous.

I adddddddooooooooorrrrrre it.


And not because of the gifts.

It was the time put in.
The thought.
All the work and planning solely to make me happy and feel special.

My husband, My ILs and my friends are RAD.

I love you all so much, and thank you for loving me!

I am one lucky Adult.

Surprise Party Cake! So Cute!

We were REALLY there.

Special Birthday Menu!

The Picture DOES NOT do it justice!

I'm Awesome at being FANCY.

Cheeky Waiter!

We had fun with this phone Booth!

Disney Gothic
If this picture doesn't sum us up, I don't know what would.


Daydreaming Fool said...

Oh looks (and sounds!) like you had an epic, beyond epic birthday! Horray! I'm so glad that you did..that's amazing..and you deserve it!

The pictures are it!

Cave Momma said...

EPIC AWESOME-NESS! And wow on that gift list. Love your present from O!

I'm hoping my kids are making bank by my 30th later this year.

So glad you had a fan-freakin-tastic birthday.

he calls me wifey said...

First of all, "Apparently, my toddler has quite the bankroll...." made me literally LOL.

I'm so happy your birthday week was everything you had hoped for and more. You deserve IT ALL!

Also, I'm so sorry/sad that I was sick and couldn't come on Monday night to celebrate with you. I was really bummed about it!

But I love you lots and I'm so happy for you and your amazing 30th <3

p.s. can Will hook us up with Club 33? I mean, I can't think of any reason we can come up with to go, but damn that looks like an amazing place to be!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like it was SUCH a wonderful day! I hope someday my hubby can get to that level of thoughtfulness!! :)

Danna said...

That sounds like the most amazing day ever!!! How fun!
Club 33 looks amazing!
Your family sounds so sweet!!!

hastaclaridad said...

Oh. My. LAWD!!! You look adorable in those Mickey ears! And good gracious lady, you have a killer smile. I am so glad that your beautiful family threw a party worthy of this event. You are so special, and I am glad that you got to feel super special on your big day. Enjoy the gifts, love, and rad friends around you!! Besitos, guapa!

Lupie Mama said...

So happy for you dear friend! You SO deserve every minute of your wonderful 30th :). Soak it in and always remember how loved you are! xoxoxo

livingsj77 said...

Yay for you! That's awesome. I'm glad you had such a wonderful 30th!

Scarlet said...

I'm so excited you had such a good time, and HELLO JEALOUS of the 33 adventure :)

Jayne said...

Erin- Thank you! I'm still kinda embarrassed by all the fanfare! But it was lovely :)

Jeneva-I hope they are socking it away to...My son apparently "knows a guy"... HA!

Annie-Awww, I wish you could have been there too, but I totally understand! It's not Hubs, but my FIL and I'll check but I really have no idea how it works...

Amy-Thanks! My Hubs is not always the best planner, but he really went all out this time! Just FYI tho, he had a lot of help from my ILs....Haha

Danna-Club 33 IS amazing for sure! My husband and my ILs are so good to me. I'm really blessed!

HC-Muchisimas gracias, Bella! It was most certainly the best bday I've ever had!

Rach-Thank you, dearest! Love you!

Jamie-it was RIDICULOUS. I still can't believe it all!

Tor-Thanks! And you have every right to be jealous! It was bitchin'!