Saturday, February 26, 2011


Alright, as I warned in Thursday's post, I'm putting up a Birthday List.
Dun, Dun, Duuunnnn!!!!

Only problem?
I don't know what I want....

Okay, so I DO know of things I want, but I feel like it's all too frivolous and/or expensive.
I'd rather be practical.
I don't want to get all Veruca Salt up in here....

But I know it really annoys my husband when I ask for practical things on holidays/birthdays (he also loathes giving gift cards), sooooo:

Let's do this Fantasy-Style.
I'm just going to go CUHRAAAZZZY and list it ALLLLLL.
I am turning 30 (eeek!), after all!

Do I expect everything?
That's a negative, ghostrider.  I'm not delusional.

But it's still kinda fun.  And, as a geniusy little bird suggested, If I list more than a couple things, I'll get that surprise my neurotic romantical heart hopes for!  WIN.

Are you ready?
You may learn things about me you didn't wanna know.
Don't judge!


The Verizon iPhone-
I  really want an interwebs phone.  Ever since my iTouch drowned (I need to do an in memoriam post) 2 weeks ago, I've been kinda lost and heartbroken.  I think an iPhone or (or a Droid) could heal me.  Maybe I just want a new iTouch....IDON'TKNOW!
My ILs got me the new iTouch and and adorable case! I feel complete again! TRUTH!
This lipstick makes me feel- Kinda sexy (yikes!), but it is puhhhhRICEeeey!  Hey, it's my birthday, right?
My really good friend Rach sent me a tube today (3-23-11) in the mail for an early gifty! Yay! I will look all KINDS of sexy while picking up toys this evening!

In black or cognac...or both?   OMG, I would die.  Size 7.5/8  
Saaaaad Day. I went to look at these again and try them on, in the event that I might actually get a pair, and they would never work for the Hubs bought me a gorgeous black pair of Uggs. I promise I won't wear them with short-shorts.

Lisa Leonard Designs, itty bitty hearts with a W and O Necklace-
So many things I want from her site, but I'm obsessed with this piece right now.  Her jewelery is just so simple and happy and sweet... 
This was my anniversary gift from Husby! So perfect!

A Facial-
I don't have a specific one, I'd just like a really good facial.  I've only had 1 my whole life.  It was fabulous.  I'd like a repeat...

Eyeliner Touchup-
Yes.  My eyeliner is tattooed on.  No, I do not have a single tear inked as well.  Shut it.  Trying to put eyeliner on when your fine motor skills aren't so sharp, is dicey.  So I got it permanently done.  It's totally tasteful....SHUT UP.

Any/all colors.  Size 8.  I live and die by the flipflop.
My ILs got me two pairs of Tom's....Where have they BEEN all my life? Shoes that I can wear?! Whaaa? They don't hurt my feet and I can easily take them on and off myself! MIRACLES!

New Bedding-
I love our bed.  It's a king.  It is magical.  But I'd love to get a new bed set...but king sets?  Ridiculous.  I adore Anthro bedding (the whole store, really), but holy fuck in a bucket, talk about expensive....
I also got a new duvet and shams for our anniversary! Not Anthro, but Ikea...WAAAY cheaper, but simple clean and pretty. Best part? He likes it too! Yay, Domestic Harmony!

Why yes, I am watching my girlish figure.  Thank you for noticing.  Ahem.  Anyway.  I lurrrve baked goods! Especially cupcakes.  Especially THESE cupcakes.  Red Velvet?  Chocolate Coconut?  Strawberry? Droooool.
My husband brought home half a dozen...for our family of 5 (not for baby!)...I ate 3 of them. Over 4 days, but STILL

 New Clothes-
My wardrobe is kinda sad (and scandalous?).  My clothes are getting tired.  I just had to pitch a bunch of tanks and chones because of holes...the thing is?  I feel like I don't know how to dress myself any more.  I'm not even sure I know what size I am...I need comfy and easy to move in, but I need some sass in there as well, because who wants me be the Frump Master General?  As much as husband hates gift cards, it's safer than trying to guess size/color...GC's to Macy's (they have great sales), Target (Who doesn't love Target?), and Old Navy (Their online selection is way better than in-store) would be much appreciated.
My friend K gave me a GC to Macy's...excited to spend it!

A New Camera- Like of the FujiFilm EXR variety
My digital camera is 3 years old.  It's been through a lot.  Some day, I'd love to get a big girl camera, but until I finally take a photography class and get some photo programs, a point and click is all I am equipped to handle.
Hubs ALSO bought me a Fujifilm z800 EXR. Love it, still trying to use it properly!

I have so much more work that I want to get done!  But I know my FIL would have a coronary.  He HATES tattoos.  He's learned to live with the ones I have, but I think starting the sleeve I want would put him over the edge.  Maybe when we finally move out.  And you know...get rich...pshhhh.

Ear Piercing-
I want to get my second holes done.  I know.  What am I, 8? For the record, I have my ears pierced, and I've had many other piercings over the years, even second/third/cartilage holes, but they all closed up.  Don't mock me! 

iTunes Gift Cards-
I may not have my iTouch anymore, and if I'm honest with myself, the iPhone is a pipe dream, BUT I can still listen to music on my computer.  There's quite a few albums I want....
My darling friend M gave me an itunes GC, which I spent IMMEDIATELY. Adele and Mumford & Sons. Happy.
 Okay!  I think that's hedonistic enough! Gift it up, Husband!
[ Poor Guy, Our Anniversary is 3-8, and my birthday is 3-29]

And if any of you, my lovely readers/friends want to send me gifties?  FEEL FREE.  Ha!

This was fun!  I feel like one of those girls on My SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN SPOILED ROTTEN show! 

Where the FUCK is my new Beemer?!!!


Endellion said...

didn't you drown your mp3 player? or was that your phone?

JayneSees said...

The husband accidentally drowned my iTouch, which was my mp3 player...

Cave Momma said...

Awesome list! One year the hubs dropped me off at a mall, gave me some cash and told me to buy whatever I want (clothes) and to call when I was done. He took care of the kiddos and I got to shop. It was fab. I would suggest it. He also did that with a spa thing.. just dropped me off (he made the appointment ahead of time). And hmm... ears pierced again. Mine closed up years ago, thanks for the thought for later this year!

And we totally need a picture/story of whatever happens.

JayneSees said...

Jeneva-Being dropped off at the mall? With cash?? By myself??? Sounds like a dream sequence! I love it!
I will definitely do a follow-up post! Husband is all proud of himself because he's already purchased something off the list for our anniversary. Yay!

livingsj77 said...

Great list! I hope you get everything. I am also really bad at making lists/asking for things/etc. Husband/mother/sister/children, should totally just read my mind!

Kacie said...

tattoos and piercings!!
my mil hates (HATES!!!) tattoos and piercings..
and in one week my husband started no his lower half sleeve(finishing up his full half sleeve) and i (as you know) pierced my nose...
last weekend was joyous when she got her first glance at us...

JennyLou said...

Dear Hubby,
If you are only going to get her one thing, GET HER THE NECKLACE! It is super cute and super romantic and she'll totally superly love it! Just a little friendly advice! ;)

Tryin' to help you out Court! :)

JayneSees said...

Kacie-This makes me giggle. I can so relate.

JenJen-Thanks for always having my back! Haha!