Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hear ye, Hear ye:

My husband would like it known that he is not a completely insensitive jackass.

He feels as though my Valentine's Post was rather slanderous.

[When I pointed out that it wasn't untrue, he made his sad face....poor man.]

He blamed it all on a tragic miscommunication, and vowed to make it up to me....

His first attempt, the day after V-Day, well, it didn't work out as he'd hoped...

He, sweetly, brought me home a heart-shaped box of candy, a box of jellybellys, and a silly singing monkey*...

All super valentinesy.  Yay!!!

Except I hate boxed candy.
And Jellybeans.
He has been told this before. Often.

He forgets things. Often.

Hello!! He was focused on the Valentine's Day theme....
Made perfect sense.

I just had to laugh.  It was too funny not to laugh.
Husby just made his sad face again.
Poor, sad, spouseface.

He was going to make it up to me, damn it!
What did I want?

What did I want?????

(which I had mentioned several times BEFORE Valentines Day...ahem.)

Ohhhhhhh yes.


OH! And lunch at my favorite Mexican joint that we never go to because it's 40 minutes away.

Ummmmm, what could be better?!


So last Saturday?  
That's what I got. 
Cupcakes and CheesyMexicanBuenoness....

It was a great day. For the whole Family! 
(O had a quesadilla and got beans in his hair, hooray!) 

Husband is all redeemed and stuff.  He is a peach of a man.

But really?
If we're honest about the situation?
This was all my fault.

So sayeth my loving husband:

If you had just dictated to me what you wanted, then I would have gotten it, and everyone would've been happy.  I need you to help me help YOU be happy. Just ask and you shall receive...oh, and write it down, 'kayThanks.**


Dictation it is!

My birthday is next month....
You better believe there is going to be a list!

I'm going to start that list as of....

When it's done, I will post it here.

It will be Written AND Public.

I shall be blameless and well-gifted.


[Just so you don't think he's all neglected, he got some pretty awesome gifties, FYI]

*Okay, the monkey?  He has these huge cartoony Frank eyes and sings the L.O.V.E Song.  Tre Creepy....
O loves it!

**He really would give me just about anything I want...if he could just remember what it was....writing down and blatant hints that aren't really hints but flat-out requests + reminders are key in our marriage.  I need to let go of the surprise option....see?  It really IS my fault!  Shhh.  Don't tell him....


gabriel and charity preda said...


Cave Momma said...

Aw, I love that he still got you something. Mine.. doesn't believe in the standard holidays and their gifts so I know full well I will rarely get anything on V-day or any other one. But, when he does get me something it's right on target. So he gets mad props. And as long as you give him a list of more than 2 things, he can still surprise you!

Lupie Mama said...

Lol, love this! And love you both :).Also, where is this heavenly Mexican restaurant?

he calls me wifey said...

i can't help but smile real big.

JayneSees said...

Charity-Glad I could give you a giggle.

Jeneva-Jeez! What's his beef w/holidays? Ha! I love that he nails it when the occasion arises, though! Wait, that sounded naughtier than I intended...ahem. More than 2 things: Brilliant suggestion! Surprises Abound!

Rach-Mario's at Five Points in Huntington Beach. LOVE that place!

ABH-He's a doll, right? We're sorta made for each other...

Lupie Mama said...

Oh ya... Mario's is GOOD STUFF! It's not too far from my parent's house too. Yum!

Kacie said...

lists are ESSENTIAL!!!! when i posted mine up, TA took notice.
fuji camera,
mumford & sons cd,
AND my nose pierced!

totally worked in my favor :)