Wednesday, February 23, 2011


O is just about 16 months, but the Terrible Twos are in full swing over at my(ish) house....

Tantrum City!

I'd always sorta secretly hoped that through my sure-to-be-genius parenting, I would escape the screamy stalemates of tantrums.

So foolish, I was....

O is a sweet boy.  But he is curious and stubborn and determined and smart.
He has got THINGS to DO.
Do not get in his way...
Do not thwart is path....

It will end badly.

Tears and arching and screams. Bloodcurdling screams.  ::Shiver::

I try to always be calm.  To explain the whys.
To acknowledge that he is upset and frustrated.
And that THAT  sucks...

BUT, Mommy and Daddy make the rules.
And sometimes the things he wants are off-limits (mostly because of safety/nutrition)...

It should totally be a peaceful exchange. Duh.

Except you cannot reason with a toddler.
He does not give two shits about safety or nutrition.
He has a world to explore and put in his mouth.
I am stagnating his journey of self-discovery.
And that, friends?

Is totally harshing his mellow.

Yesterday I was really stressed about this tantruming situation.

What if this becomes a habit?
What if he develops a behavioral issue?
Am I not doing enough as his Mama?
Am I too soft?
Am I too hard?
Is he going to end up on America's Most Wanted?

[They'll interview me about his victims as they flash all the pictures of his sweet little baby face....I can see it now.......Ahem.]

Perhaps, I spiraled a bit?

Anyway, later that evening after O went to bed my husband and I were talking about something and he brought up an issue that was absolutely going to fucking leadboot my plans....


I'm just trying to accomplish this simple g-ddamned thing and I'm being stopped at every turn!

Frustrated, I commenced in raging to (not at) the husband about the injustice of it all and slamming shit around my desk...

After he fled, under the guise of cooking dinner, I raged on in my head and slammed some more shit....

Then the lightbulb went off:


The apple doesn't scream too loud from the tree....

O is totally his mother.
Including her temper.

He gets frustrated because he is constantly getting stopped from doing what he sees as necessary, AND he can't express himself on the issue-- other than to scream and cry.....

[Something I was pretty much doing last night]

My frustration at not being able to do what I see as necessary and my inability to express myself on the matter?

Totally harshes my mellow.


Sorry little man.  I feel your pain.  I really do.

But the toilet is still off-limits at the moment.  Mommy loves you.


Maria said...

Hahahahahaha, I love the ending toilet comment. Don't sweat it hon, you are a damn good mama and you WILL see the fruits of this labor at a MUCH later time. And the term 'terrible two's' is so deceiving because as most everyone finds out sooner or later, it starts right about this time - 15 months. So at least you know he's punctual ;)

he calls me wifey said...

this is awesome and hilarious.

what's the best part of this? you totally saw yourself for who you are, was honest and didn't try to suppress or ignore it.

<3 you.

Cave Momma said...

I feel your pain. Olivia is JUST like me. When she gets mad she get aggressive and wants to take it out somewhere (or on something). Unfortunately, that something is usually Myles. *sigh* We have a long road ahead of us. Oh... and Myles? He screams for the FUN of it. And because Olivia hates it. Isn't THAT lovely?? I think we should let the kids scream at each other and see what happens.

JayneSees said...

Maria- Aww, thank you! Punctuality is key! HA!

ABH-There is no hiding this mess! Loves!

Jeneva-If we let them get together it could be all Lord of the Flies up in this joint! Ay! ;) Also? I love your kidlet's names! So cute! We were going to use Olivia if we had had a girl!

Kacie said...

i love it... totally love it

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, yeah.

"Don't you DARE shout at me, young man!" I shouted at my 3 year old.


Kris said...


I hate these moments in which I see that my daughters are me. They are me, and not just the good parts of me. Hmmph.

Hate that.

JayneSees said...

Kacie- A glimpse into your future... ;)

Angie- Ha! Yep. Pretty much...I think we're in trouble!

Kris-I think you may be implying that it only gets worse from here...
Annoying. *snicker*

Anonymous said...

When my daughter, at 2 years old, stood in the kitchen with a fist on one hip, pointing at me with her finger, leaning ever-so-slightly forward and lectured her big brother in That Tone, I turned to my husband and said "I have NO idea where she got that!".
Then I jammed my fist on my hip and told her in That Tone to never talk to her brother like that AGAIN.

Came by from TRDC. Loved it.

MeloMama said...

Harshing his mellow? Love it!
I have written, and continue to write about my two year-old. I kept saying to people that the terrible two's were here. Except I have been saying that since he was about 18 months. He is 32 months now... And they are still here. I don't think it gets much better. Because now? My son has taken to hitting. Which freaking sucks!

Here from TRDC.

Jayne said...

Let Me Start-It always kicks my ass when I'm confronted with that little picture of myself. Ha!

MeloMama-Yeaaah. Biting when angry has started over here...What about my geniusy parenting?! lol...

MeloMama said...

You are all geniousy. But I have found that toddlers manage to find loopholes in the plan. Especially when they get to the screaming/physically violent stage. I feel your pain. Ugh!

MeloMama said...

Also? Many thanks for swinging by my blog. :)

Galit Breen said...

Mmhmm. I feel both y'all's pain. So does my husband. (Fantastic post!)

leighann said...

I think I just had an "ah ha" moment!!
This is the best,
"And that, friends?
Is totally harshing his mellow."

Jenna said...

awesome. i can totally relate to this. and now with your reiteration, I am sure I will be using the harshing his mellow phrase again :)

Jayne said...

MeloMama-At least someone thinks I'm genuisy! And you are very welcome!

Galit Breen-Thanks so much!

Leighann and Jenna- "Harshing his mellow? So very apt. Use away!