Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm in a Pickle!

I have a problem.

It's kinda outta control.

An addiction I'm ashamed of.

I have spent so much on Target purses, it's obscene...
Now, that my MIL has introduced me into the seedy underbelly that is COACH? Ay Dios.

And now?

Baby Bags.

I am always on the hunt.
I don't need any more purses, nor do I need another baby bag....
I cruise...looking for a possible fix....  

The other day, I was at the mall walking around, and I saw it:



I had a 10% off coupon to the store it was displayed in, so I skipped into the store....

A Hundred and Twenty bucks?!!

That's a no. 10% off or not!

But I remembered the brand name so that perhaps I could find it on sale somewhere....

Petunia Pickle Bottom  Adorable, right?
 I had never heard of it, but what do I know?
Not much, it seems.
This brand is all kinds of hawtntrendys.

Sale? HA.

This was not a clearance rack-type product....

But, because of my struggle....

I found myself looking at it wistfully.
Perusing the entire site.
Checking Amazon.
I know I can't buy.
Look, click, Drrooolll.

It gets worse:

This bag has been crooning its wicked siren-song in my head all day....
because as much as I love bags?

I Luuuurrrrrrrrvvvvvve BIG bags.

Have you ever seen The Breakfast Club? Of COURSE you have.
Ally Sheedy's character?
The one who carries her whole life around in her purse?

That's me.

Now that I also have a child whose life I need to carry around as well?

I need a whole lotta bag.

Shut it.
I do so neeeeed it.

Need Need Needy NeedNEED!


I told you it was a problem....

(I wish I'd known about this when I made the LIST.)


Leighann said...

Oh I love me some purse!
A big ol' purse!
Purple, green, black.

Then I had a baby.

Oh I love me some diaper bags.
Black, blue, pink.

Then I found a friend who makes purses that hold bottles and diapers.


Miracle said...

I saw the same bag on the PPB website about a week ago & fell in Luurrrvvee. Too bad I couldn't get it either.. (I don't think 120 is too much for a bag - when I have a 300 bag.. lol.)

Well ADD it to your list - its your Birfday- purse party like its your birfday! :)

Elizabeth said...

Have you seen It's a leetle cheaper -- which doesn't say much, but saving a few bucks is always swell!

Cave Momma said...

Ok.. I am not a bag/purse person. Maybe that's just come out of necessity or the fact that having more than one will make sure I forget something important like my wallet at some point.

And not that I want to fuel your *ahem* obsession but... have you checked out etsy?? Cuz... they got some cute bags/purses plus other stuff. And? They don't usually cost $150. And? They are super cute. And?? You sometimes get to pick your own fabric.

Lupie Mama said...

Check out this blog:

This girl that makes these does such a cute job, my friend Lindsey has the cutest diaper bag from her (big too!). You can pick out fabrics (maybe show her the link to the one you like) and also part of her proceeds (maybe all, I forget) go to helping women in 3rd world countries begin their own businesses by providing the loans for them. I love the cheap and cute decorating and craft ideas she has, she's super talented.

Anonymous said...

Love purses. Have a ton of them. Yet somehow I always end up using the same plain black tote I bought from walmart.

Also like how I own 50 beautiful pairs of high heel shoes yet wear the same black flats everyday.

At least my closet looks beautiful I guess.

livingsj77 said...

I just sent you an email with some possibly cheaper fixes for you. Hope you find something you like :)

Jayne said...

Leighann-I say that that's a handy friend to have! The possibilities!

Mir-Ha! I like the way you think! The fabric just KILLS me! So cute!

Elizabeth-I do know about the outlet! But even that's still too rich for my wallet! But Thank you!

Jeneva-Etsy and I do not need to become close. AT ALL! lol...

Rach-Thanks! I will check it know, for charity...

Haven-I wear my flipflops til they diiiiie. I'd probably be a shoe girl if I could wear shoes...damn. Ha! I'm always on the quest for that perfect bag, that will forever fill my pursing thirst...I think it's a myth.

Jaime-I got your email! Thanks! Could be DANGEROUS! :)

MadeByErin said...

Ms. Picklebottom has made her way to Nordstrom Rack a time or two. Much lest costly and still full of cuteness!!!