Friday, March 11, 2011


Ain't as easy as you might think.

I've been here at Blogger for 2 years now.
We've had some rough spots, but for the most part, we've settled into a lovely routine...

But my eye was starting to wander.

Wordpress was lookin' kinda tempting....

I just wanted to flirt a bit. That's all.

But then I took it a step further.  Like you do....

I registered.
Started a page.

It was getting hot and heavy....

I thought I was going to leave Blogger.  Pack up my wares and head for greener pastures.

WordPress' comment structure was enough to dizzy my head.

What's this? How do I navigate through here?  How do I keep all my subscriptions?  How do I set up all the widgets?  What about GFC????  

I'm am not tech/blog/computer savvy.
I may only have 39 followers, but damn it, I wanted to keep them.
I was in over my head.

So I chickened out.

And I'm back--happily nestled in the arms of blogger, once again.

I still have my blog up a WP too, because I can't  figure out how to take it down....


I am so not cut out for blogging super-stardom.

Thanks for hanging in with me, you sexy 39!


Anonymous said...

Blogging is a weird beast.

You can be AWESOME at writing but if you don't know how to market or feed the google monster or make your page look pretty enough?

You cannot be all super star-ish.

Lots of flashy blogs with mediocre writing popular out there.

I much prefer yours. :)

Anonymous said...

I started on blogger with my other blog and left because of the ads. Wordpress is kind of like the Mac VS PC thing. It's just a new way to train your mind to think. But I have to agree with the previous comment, I don't care what the site looks like as long as the writing keeps me coming back for more!

Cave Momma said...

Yeah, I tried switching my personal blog to wordpress a while ago and I just wasn't willing to spend that much time figuring it out. Welcome back.

he calls me wifey said...

I'm so glad that WordPress didn't steal you away!

And I LOVE the new look!!

Jayne said...

Haven- Blogging is a complicated schmoozy beast as well. I was not prepared for the intensity! (And thank you!)

HC-It's definitely very Mac vs PC! And yes, the writing is key!

Jeneva-Quite the process, right? Yikes!

Dreamboat Annie-Thanks, doll!

gabriel and charity preda said...

one thing i like about blogger is that it actually updates me when you write since i follow you. WP doesn't do that. :) also, how do you adjust your settings for "leave your comment"? and personalize?

Lizz said...

Well-timed post! I've been toying with moving over to WP for the last month or so, but now I'm not so sure! My main complaint about Blogger is/was my image storage limit, but now I host from Flickr, so that's really a non-issue... *sigh*

Jayne said...

Char-from your dashboard, click on settings, then the sub-tab of Comments. Scroll down to the Comment Form Message--you can type in whatever you want!

Lizz-I think I'll be sticking with Blogger. i really like the feel of it, and for someone like me (NOT techy at ALL) it's more user friendly. But go where ya gotta go, girl!

Endellion said...

i followed you this far why would i stop now

Jayne said...

H-I'm pretty sure we'll be following each other til the end of time.

livingsj77 said...

I too have thought about wordpress, but I have not made the jump yet. And I totally get the wanting to be out there but not sure how, etc. It takes a lot of time I believe, time I don't have.

I'm so excited to be in the first 39...don't forget me when you take over the blogging world :)

Jayne said...

I don't have the time either!
And don't you worry, Jaime...when my plans for blog domination are in full-swing, you will be treated well! HA. Seriously though? I am proud to have you!

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