Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Does NOT Have to Involve Matching Corduroy Jumpers, Promise.


A term, an, idea, a movement, that inspires either dread and judgment, or excitement and inspiration....
There usually isn't much of a lukewarm sentiment.
Hot or NOT, seems to be the general rule...

I have not fully-formed my stance, but I do think that I will be doing some HS-type stuff with O during his preschool years...


Education starts at home, people.

We are the ones who are supposed to be our children's greatest teachers, but also?

Preschool is OUTTA-CONTROL expensive.

It literally 
Granted, I live in South County, and everything here is ridiculous--as ridiculous seems to be a way of life, but whoa.

I know that education is important, and that good educators are worth their weight in gold, but I ain't got that kind of scratch!

Which brings me to the point of this post:

A friend of mine is just beginning to HS her PreK-ers and has started a blog to document her descent into madness...I mean, her educational journey, ahem.

She would love to share it with any other moms who want to/are doing the same thing and is hoping for an exchange of ideas, feedback, and obviously, support!

Hop on over to her schoolhouse, and give her some lovin', tips, sage words of homeschooly wisdom, and the like...

I think what she is doing is awesome and brave, and I can't wait to set up some activities for O!

Oh Before I forget!

Another Lovely Mama I know has made the decision to HS, and I'm sure would adore some lovin' and feedback  as well!  Stop by Rachel's house too!

Home-schooling may not be for everyone, but we all need to support each other, right?

I get a little uppity about supporting my fellow mamas, okay?

Okay.  I'm glad we had this talk.


Haven said...
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Haven said...

If I had kids I'd probably home school them. I did independent studies after freshmen year and loved it. I got to go my own pace instead of either having to wait around for everyone to catch up or be the one who was grasping it slowly and holding everyone else back. And I finished school early. Yay!

Plus you can do all kinds of neat field trips with your kiddo.

Love that idea.

Even if I wasn't all gung-ho about the homeschooling thing I still think it's important to get and show support!

I will check out the mommas you mentioned and tell them how awesome they are.


Jayne said...

I did independent study for a year as well, and loved it for the same reasons....

Thanks for being all compliant and showing them support!

Will I have to pay for this obedience later? Ha!

Cave Momma said...

Yep, you are totally fab. And I will be showing my fellow HS momma some love. Thanks!

WhisperingWriter said...

If I had the patience, I'd homeschool. As it is, I have very little patience and my kids rarely take me seriously anyway. So school it is.

Jayne said...

Jeneva-I think you're pretty swell yourself!

Amber-Ha! I'm not sure if I have the patience either!

he calls me wifey said...

I used to think that kids who were home schooled had serious social issues throughout their lives, but now I realize that that's just the way those kids/people are, home school or not. I've known a few people who were home schooled and they turned out great.

No matter what, O is going to be a champ at life with two awesome parents like you guys!

I applaud you on this. I think it'll be awesome and I'm excited to read about your endeavors!