Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Money! Okay, it's more like Lost Money, but still.

If you are from CA (or if you lived here previously), go to this site!

Basically, it's the CA State Controller's page, and there's a section for "Unclaimed Property"....

You type in your name, and if a match comes up, you could be getting some dough!

Unclaimed Property are things like un-cashed paychecks, tax returns, canceled bank accounts that weren't emptied, etc.

The Hubs and I rec'd a little over $800 (we had NO idea it was even floating around out there), which we used to buy our fantastic new bed!

(More on that in a minute....)

If the name and info is in fact, yours, you download a claim form, fill it out and send it in with a copy of your ID and SS card. They will then verify the claim, and send you a check.

If it's over a couple grand, I think there's more hoopla involved, but we didn't get into that.

From start to finish, we got our check in like 2-3 months. We had no idea whether it would actually work, but it it did, and we were stoked!

Everyone should check it out! You never know! For those in other states, I don't know if they have the same thing, but it's definitely worth a google, right?

As mentioned above, with the magical monies, we bought ourselves a new bed.

A king-sized bed!!! Oh, uhHUH. It was just delivered yesterday.

As you who read this blog know, we really wanted one, especially since we've decided to co-sleep with Owen.

We had thought that we were just going to have to suck it up and deal with the queen that we'd been sleeping on, because king-sized mattress set prices were not conducive with our level of brokeness...

But then came the Unclaimed Fairy! Sweet!

If you ever need to buy a bed, I'd suggest Custom Comfort Mattress Company. After all of my research for a quality bed for an economical price, they were the best. They do their own manufacturing, they'll do a custom job if that's what you want, and their salesfolk are NOT on commission, which makes it all the more legit.

We actually like another mattress better initially, but it was out of our price range, and instead of trying to sell us on it, the guy helping showed us one that was comparable in quality, but still within our budget. Gold Star for him!

Here's the part I get the most joy out of in terms of our bed saga:

(it's lame, so prepare yourselves)

The sheets we bought! Seriously! Hear me out....

Having had a CA King before we moved in with the ILs (in our defense, it was hand-me-down, that was 10 years old and beat to shit), that had to be abandoned when we came to reside with them, I knew that getting king sheets were going to be expensive, so I was determined to find them at the best price.

Here was my problem though:

After years of never even CONSIDERING the thread count, I have been turned on by my MIL to the wonder that is high-count sheets. Oh. my. luscious.

Once you've turned that corner, there truly is NO going back.

So there I was desperately trying to find 300 count (which is the lowest one should go, or so I've been told, ha!) or higher sheets on the cheap.

Desperation started climbing.

Target, Amazon, LinensNThings, BB&B, the list went on....

Finally, I settled on 300 count, Egyptian cotton sheets from Walmart. $40.

Not too shabby.

But then we stopped by Kohl's....and that is where I saw them.

610 count, Egyptian Cotton sheets for FORTY DOLLARS.

Normally, $150.

I did a little dance, I'm not gonna lie....and bought 2 sets.

They're worth EVERY PENNY.

And that's my story. I make no apologies.


Alisa Marie said...

Dude! High thread count is where it is at! Holla! I registered for high count for our wedding because... dang, i wasn't paying for it, and we got one set... HEAVEN!!!!!! So now thats all i get!!!!

I got my latest set from target (because apparently after 3.5 years they aren't so comfy) LOVE IT I'll never go back to whatever crap i had in college.

Erin said... has a GREAT selection of bedding, I get a lot of sheets there. Marshalls and Ross usually have great quality sheets, its just sometimes hit and miss whether you like the styles. I agree that nice sheets are important! A lot of time is spent in bed!

JayneSees said...

Erin-that's good to know! I looked there too, but I was hesitant b/c I'd never ordered from them before.