Thursday, July 16, 2009

My mind is lost. There is no "losing" to be had.

I cried on Monday evening for over an HOUR.

Why? Because I had planned on putting away a basket of laundry, but never actually did it.

My husband did his best to console me, while trying not to laugh.


I almost had a full-fledged panic attack last night because I realized that (2 weeks ago, mind you) I took two Ibuprofen for a headache, when what I should have taken is Tylenol.

All these horrid scenarios of harm to my son starting galloping through my head....


This weekend will probably be just as absurd.

Hubs and I have a wedding to go to, and I'm dreading it, because I feel/look/move like a hippopotamus.

I bought a dress for the wedding, which I have been told looks great on me, but I think that they're neglecting to mention the Circus-tent similarities.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm pregnant, I get that--but this is a very small wedding. I have nowhere to hide. I will not 'blend'.

The bride is twice my age, but stunning, and the two other women that will be my comadres for the day are these tiny, gorgeous, TAN girls with killer bodies and new boobs.

Just shoot me now.

If that weren't enough, my 10-year high school reunion is the same day....

(I'm actually bummed we won't be able to make it, there are several people I'd love to see)

Great, now I'm an Elder Hippo to boot!

Pregnancy is amazing....Pregnancy is amazing....Pregnancy is ama......


Erin said...

"Killer bodies and new boobs" totally laughed out loud!!!!

Boo for not coming to the reunion! Seriously, we need to plan a mini reunion for all of us girls!

JayneSees said...

It's true!

Kat said...

Old boobs are better anyway...I tell myself that everyday when I lift them off my belly button and shove them into my anti gravity devise (IE good bra).