Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taking a break from the Crazy....

In regards to my last post, I want to state emphatically that I love my husband very much--he is very loving and doting (just not tidy), and that despite my hormonally-charged rants of yesterday, he is not dead. I didn't even yell.

Which is miraculous, given the fact I realize NOW, that my episode was probably brought on by the migraine that was building up in, and subsequently unleashed upon, my brain yesterday, at 6:30 pm.

Anyway....on to baby-related things!

Owen and I had our 20 week U/S on Monday, and everything looks GREAT. He hit all the appropriate measurements, is developing the way he should, his heartbeat is strong, and everything looks normal. The tech also said that he had long arms and legs (like his Daddy), so he'll probably be tall. Crazy, right? To me, he's just a tiny little monkey. I can't think of him as a man yet!

As you may have noticed, he is still a HE. Haha. It was doubly-confirmed. :)

I was also told that instead of being a few days into my 20th week, Owen was measuring more like 22, so we shall see.....

(as soon as I get them scanned, I'll post some U/S pics)

I'm just so happy that he's healthy! It was also really nice to have my husband there. He unfortunately wasn't present for the earlier U/S we'd had, so it was quite the moment for him.

He kept saying over and over:
"That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! That's my son!"

It was adorable.

As far as planning for his arrival, it's FREAKING me out. Logistically, I mean.

So far, people have been awesome with offering us stuff, which is so GREAT, I just don't know where that hell to put it all. I'm waiting for some furniture to be moved, for my MIL to clean out the closet in our bedroom (its got her stuff in it, not ours, I promise), and then perhaps some real progress can be made.

Our registry is just about done, but it's looking more and more like I need to rethink our nursery furniture....

I registered for this really nice set that is transitional, growing with the child, but they're all pretty substantial pieces of furniture. Not having an actual nursery, or apartment for that matter, there's just no room for it. In addition, we've decided to co-sleep, so we won't need a crib anyway for quite some time--making the set kind of moot.

There is furniture that we DO need though, like a dresser to put Owen's things in, other storage pieces, and a small changing table.

Basically, I need to re-shop for smaller scale stuff that's better suited to a studio-type apartment than a home, if that makes sense.

I'm just afraid of falling into the trap of buying stuff that works in a pinch, but then won't last us down the road, much like our poverty-induced purchase of a Klippan couch....

As soon as I can tailor it down, I'll release the registry info for all of those who've been asking. :)

Baby Shower Info:

There's going to be two. Which is not a bad thing, I just don't want people to think I'm shower-greedy...

We had originally figured that we would just have a shower at the in-law's casa, because well, it's where we live. Then my mom decided that she was hosting (come hell or high water) the shower. A shower that is.....Wait for it.....

A Halloween-themed shower. Babies, pumpkins, and ghosts? She also wanted everyone to dress up. This was swiftly vetoed.

(For those of you who know my madre, this is not a surprise.)

The only problem with this is that my mom has a small house, and with all the people my mom has on her list, my MIL has on HER list, and my OWN list, there is no hope of it working out under that roof. On top of that, my MIL will not be in town the weekend my mom is holding the shower.

Then there were two.

The first one will be the 2nd or 3rd weekend of September (still trying to nail down dates with my ever-traveling ILs) at our house, and the 2nd one will take place the 3rd weekend of October at my mother's.

Now I'm tasked with trying to split up the guest list appropriately between the two parties. I want it to be a good mixture of people who know each other, you know?

Thankfully, my very talented friend has offered to do the invites for both showers, and the cake for the September shower. Her cakes are amazing, I'm stoked.

That's as far as I've gotten.

I'll update as more info is cemented!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, Loves!

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Erin said...

Make sure you're still pregnant by the time of the shower! That October one might be pushin' it a bit if you are a couple weeks early!!! My neighbor was almost in your same shoes expecting a late Oct baby and had her Oct 6! Her shower was scheduled later in the month, so she arrived - not pregnant. It was quite the moment when someone look great, when are you due? Ahhhhhhhhh! Will never forget that!