Monday, August 24, 2009

Too Much Good(?) Stuff....

Owen is getting closer to being here EVERYDAY. That is an amazing thing, but also a terrifying thing! I feel so unprepared!

I know.

"You can never really be prepared to be a parent."
I heard it eleventy million times, and I'm sure it's true....

I just want to go into the eye of the storm more organized!

There's so much stuff that we need to do! And my goal is to have it all done BEFORE the first baby shower which is in 3 weeks.

Originally, when we thought that we would have the guest room as Owen's nursery, it was like, okay: all we really have to do is clean out the closet and the dresser, reposition some things, and pretty much wait until the first shower. After that, things can be put together and assembled.

In the meantime, anything we get for Owen, we'll just store in the room...GAME SET GO!

Well, it didn't end up working out that way, so when we realized that the baby would be bunking with us, we had to rethink things. Quickly, we realized that nursery furniture was going to be a no-go (ie. a changing table/crib set up, as there was no room, so we looked for smaller, more portable options.

Eventually, after research and much debate, we decided that Owen would just sleep in bed with us. Space saving AND good for nursing, right?!

Okay, maybe not soooo space saving...we ended up needing to buy a bigger bed. Haha.

So on to the changing table/Clothing storage dilemma:

We decided to just buy a large adult dresser with a top surface wide enough to put a changing pad, and enough drawers to hopefully hold Owen's hordes of clothing (Not EVEN born yet, and he has more than I do!). Another amazing plan of practicality!

Now, we just needed to find the right dresser and a place to put it....


So my in-laws have this landing space that separates the master suite from the other bedrooms upstairs. The previous owners used it (I think) for like a game area, with a pool table, but the ILs kinda have it staged as like a sitting area, with My FIL's drum set in the corner.

Well, nobody really sits up there and my poor FIL is just too freakin' busy to do much jamming these days, so the Mister and I thought that we should figure out a way to use that prime real estate. Thankfully, we got the go ahead.

The plan is to to take down the drums (Sorry, Pops), move the couch that's in the sitting area into our little living room space (our Klippan is on its deathbed), move out our desk and computer/file drawers/etc. to the landing, and put the new dresser for the baby on the wall where the computer stuff was in our room.

This will hopefully allow us to get a bit more organized.

The only problem, is that since it is not our house or our stuff, we can't get to shifting until the ILs clear out the furniture that needs to be relocated. Once they finally have some time to move the stuff off the landing, we can set up the dresser, and get all of Owen's gifted clothes put away, clearing them out of the guest room-- which I know will make my MIL happy.

And it will make me extremely happy. I need to feel like progress is being made before I lose my mind.

I just know that the space issue is going to get MUCH worse after the showers because of all the the stuff that people a going to (thankfully!) rain down upon us...because of that, I want our living space to be as situated and organized as possible beforehand.

With everything organized and all the major pieces of furniture in place, it will help us to see exactly what kind of space (or lack thereof) that we're working with, and where to put things in the most functional manner.

While little components may change with Owen's needs and routines, but for the most part, there's not a whole lot of wiggle room in terms of how our living area can be set up because of the structure of the rooms, so much will stay the same no matter what.

So WHY NOT get it done now?

In addition to our Feng Shui-esque madness, the month of September is going to be kinda insane for us, and I'm getting more barge-like as the hours pass.

We have the maternity open house at the hospital
We have shower # 1
We start lamaze classes every Wednesday
We have a infant cpr class
We have maternity photos scheduled
and, a parenting class

Woah. All good and necessary things, but it makes me tired just listing it! Haha.

We also still need to lock down an insurance policy and draft the will. Ay!

I need a measure of sanity in all of this!

Note: In my world, Sanity=Cleanliness and Organization

3 weeks and counting 'til Baby Shower Part One, folks!

Ohhhhh, how I hope!

PS. My hubby just called. From a coworker's cell. Why? He's lost his phone.

SWEEEEEEET. More money flying out of our ass!

In that vein, I don't think it's fair that EVEN though you have phone insurances that you pay for every month, they still make you fork over $50 plus tax for a new one. Ladrones!

It all works out, it all works out, it all works out, it all works out, it all wo....


Kat said...

I saw on a HGTV show that someone converted a dresser into a changing table to making rails on the top to hold the pad and baby more in place. It was a really cool idea!!! Though a changing table can be nice, I honestly used a diaper bag changing pad on the floor or bed when I needed it, especially after a c-section; the less movement the better.

JayneSees said...

I would love to use the floor/bed option. but its hard for me to get up from being on my hands and knees, so we figure that the dresser option will be easier for me to wrangle. BTW, I saw that same HGTV episode! Haha