Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm waaaay behind!

How is it December? 
(I still need to complete my last TOP entry...sorry'boutTHAT.)

I've completely been dropping the ball on my blogging and tweeting...

Truth be told, Twitter intimidates me. It's so all-consuming. I feel like I can't keep up, and need a crackberry/iphone/smartphone/compuphone to just maintain...

No thank you.

I'm not going to delete the account. but I've given up the ghosty of being all tweet-pro.

As for my blog, I reaalllly wanted to try and do at least 1 short post a day, with at least 1 meatier one a week, but so far, that hasn't happened either...

This is partially because I feel like it's silly.

Who wants to hear from ME on a daily basis? Isn't that a bit indulgent?
My life revolves around Elmo and shoring the tides of laundry that flow through my life.
This is not thought-provoking content.

I'm just not feeling particularly interesting these days...

Side Note: Does any one else feel like they've gotten drastically less intelligent since they became a mother?

Or am I experiencing my own personally deserved intellectual decay?

The other day, I couldn't remember how to spell knowledgeable.


I used to be an editor for CRYING OUT LOUD. Now I'm stumped by an elementary-school vocab word.

For Shaaaaame.

Moving swiftly along-

We bought a new car! Yay! Well, new to us. It is a pre-owned 2010 Chevy HHR.

Yes, it was going to be tough to add yet another bill to our pile, but the time had come, and the Jetta needed to be put out to pasture, so we decided to at least look...

And as luck would have it, we found the perfect car for us at a amazing deal. 
 After showing it to my FIL, who is very savvy about these things, and getting the thumbs up from him, we decided that we were gonna go for it!

We were terrified, but we needed to pull the trigger.

THEN, on the way to the dealership, my ILs call to tell us that they've decided what to give us for Christmas....

They TOTALLY helped us out in the down payment arena in a very generous (and-completely-unnecessary-but-we'll-TAKE-IT kind of ) way.

I was bawling and GRATEFUL and sorta unsure if we were being "Punk'd" or not....but we weren't, so we signed the papers and drove home in our Shiny NEEEEEW CAAAAAAAAR!

We love it. I LOVE it.

I hated my husband's old car. It had a lot of bad Juju for me.  As my dear Father-in-law put it so perfectly:

"I can't say I'm sad to see that see that Blue Bitch go..."
 (I truly heart my FIL)


So sure it's another bill, but it's WELL worth it.

Goodbye, Mika...
Helllllllllooooo Julius!

Happy Hanukkah AND Merry Christmas, my friends!

Ps. I need someone to come over and watch Christmas movies with me whilst eating sugary holiday treats.

My hubs is a little scroogey and won't participate.  He teases me about being a bad Jew. He's right, but whatever...I ADORE Christmas.

And I light a Menorah.  I might even make Latkes. While eating Peppermint Bark....

Who's with me?


JennyLou said...

I SO wish I lived closer to you so I could come enjoy Christmas movies and Latkes and peppermint bark!!! That is my kind of hangin' out! :) I <3 you!!!!!!

kristi said...

YAY!! Congratulations on the new car!!! It must be such a relief to be driving around in a shiny new, reliable car!

I'm all for the lying around watching movies, eating peppermint bark. Except for the fact that I've been lying around for 10 days being sick and eating peppermint bark. And there's this stupid race I signed up for looming in 10 days...

Kat said...

I'm in! Give me a date that works for you =o)

he calls me wifey said...

I totally know how you feel in the "I'm not very interesting lately" department. I found myself just not posting (except for TOPs) in a while, but I think I'm back on it. Sometimes you just need a break to, you know, live LIFE.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW CAR!! I'm so stoked for you guys! And your FIL's comment about the "blue bitch" is priceless.

Oh and I just can't get on the twitter bandwagon either. I mean, I'm already on FB and Blogspot and Flickr and now Formspring, that is excessive enough. Do I really need to update my twitter more than once or twice a month? Idontthinkso.

JayneSees said...

JenJen- I wish you did too!
Kristi- You are a rockstar. You can do it!
Kat-Come ON DOWN! We need to hang out again anyway! It's been eons!
And-You are always interesting to me. Haha. No, seriously, I love your blog.