Thursday, November 18, 2010

TOP Week 3: MIL

This post will not be what I originally envisioned because a sick toddler=off day.

My Mother-in-Law is rad.

She's beautiful and elegant. Always. It's inhuman.

She's an awesome shopping buddy.

She didn't care when I vomited/peed (at the same TIME) in her Mercedes while pregnant.

She's taught me the value of high-thread count sheets. IMPORTANT.

But mostly, I'm thankful for her because she's such an awesome grandmother to O.

These past few weeks that I've been out of commission have been hard for me. I hate not being the one to takes care of my son during the day, but I knew he was in loving hands, and that was crucial to my being able to rest and heal.

Thanks, Ma!


elsiee said...

yeah for classy compassionate mother in laws!!

hannah singer said...

Cheers to your rad inlaw! What a rare treat, thanks for sharing! xo

Kacie said...

literally laughed out loud at what you did in her car :)
that's a gooooooood mom-in-love

WhisperingWriter said...

She does sound awesome!!