Monday, January 10, 2011


I've got a lot of things weighing on my mind lately.
(Ya know, because that's new for me 'n stuff.)

Several of these things are topics I want to blog about.
Mostly as a catharsis for the hopes that if I get it out all on "paper,"  it'll stop eating at me...

Money Woes
Family Planning
Fear of failure on an all-consuming level
Ghosts of childhoods past

But those things will have to wait. O has a gnarly cold and given the amount of times he's hacked/sneezed in my face, I'll be quick to follow suit.

I'm excited, aren't you?

I know you're devastated that you can't read more of me, soooo, I bequeath* you with a gift:


I have a serious blog-crush on its author. It is one of the few blogs that I truly look forward to daily...

She's frank
She's got a wicked sense of humor
She writes about love and joy and life and pain in a way that makes you feel like you're sharing in on her secrets, and you are honored to get the chance.
She's a wife and a mama....but do not mistake her for your traditional "Mommy Blog" 'cos you won't be getting any of those rainbows and gumdrops.

Readers are in for another kind of treat--delicious reality.  Mmmm....

She may not be everyone's cup O' Tea, but I adore her, and I think you should give it a sip.

*I am the only one who thinks that the word bequeath sounds a bit "off-color" when you say it aloud? No? Never mind then...

1 comment:

Kris said...

So I came to check you out because you mentioned me on Twitter, and I find this loveliness here at your house!

Thank you so very much for the rave review and the compliments.

You have totally made my day.

My week.

A serious highlight, you!

Thank you.