Saturday, June 18, 2011

Comments, Questions, Complaints and Concerns.

I love getting comments. 

Lurrrrve it.

They help me to feel heard and dare I say it, validated.

When I see comments, I know I’m not just ranting on to myself…I have an audience!

You know, which is kinda nice.

Because your commentlovin’ is so important to me, I want to make sure I keep on top of it!

In an effort to more accurately track and answer comments, I installed Intense Debate.

Hooray! All my comment issues are gonna be solved! It’s like switching to Wordpress without ACTUALLY switching!


Yeah, like that.

Except not.

ID is fucking my shit all up.

One minute it works, one minute it doesn’t.
Comments are there, then gone. Poof!

On days it IS working, I will craft heartfelt responses, only to have them eaten by the abyss.

I have tried to troubleshoot, and I have tried to uninstall/reinstall, etc.

Over IT, kids. That’s what I am.

So I’m thinking of  uninstalling it, and calling it a damn day.

My apologies for anyone whom I haven’t answered back lately, it’s entirely likely I never got to see it, OR tried to answer, only to have it gobbled away.


I’m not  particularly happy with Blogger half the time either, but will get into that another day…

Now that I’ve bitched my little fit, I have some questions:

Do any of you ever wonder who actually reads your blog?

Do you ever wonder how many lurkers you have?

Do you ever wonder if there are people out there faithfully reading along, but never commenting?

Do you ever wonder if there are readers out there who hate your guts but read anyway?

Do you ever wonder why some blogs have 300 readers/comments and some blogs only have 3?

Do you ever wonder how in the hell Dooce does it?

Do you ever secretly hope that Ellen will read your blog, then decide that you just HAVE to be on her show, skyrocketing you to fame and fortune, AND a book deal?

Ummmmm….Yeah, me neither.


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