Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I sorta HATE Fathers' Day.
It was just another day for me to feel different.
Sure, I made the crafts in class like everyone else, but I knew deep down that my step-dad wouldn't give a shit.

There would be no Father-Daughter Teas for me,
No lectured boyfriends on Prom Night.
No tears on my Wedding Day.
I was no one's Princess.

I used to pretend like it didn't matter to me, but it did.
I wanted be someone's little girl.

When I met my husband, I knew he would be a good dad.
He loved kids, and treated them with a kind of reverence that was unusual for dudes of his age.

In the years since we met, he has met and exceeded my expectations as far as his ability to be a father.

As soon as I got pregnant with O, Huz became a DAD.
He loves our son with his whole heart.
I know that he would go to any length to protect and care for him.

This fills me with so much peace.
So much comfort.
And makes me kinda LIKE Fathers' Day.

I know that one day, if we ever have a daughter, she will be someone's Princess.


Thank you, Querido.  I am a lucky wife and ours is a fortunate son.  We love you.

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Leighann said...

so sweet!!
What a lucky family!