Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fruck it!

O hasn't been the best talker, but I wasn't overly worried (most of the time)...

He was definitely a babbly baby.
Said Mama and  Dada pretty early.

Then, it was if he got it out of his system and was done with it.

Buuuut, since he's always babbled, always been curious, very aware, definitely understood us (not that he listens), and his Daddy talked super late, we did our best not to panic.

We just kept on talking to him constantly and waited.
And Waited....

Eventually, he says book (he LOOOOVES books), while reading him a story...
Maybe it's a fluke...
We ask for a book.
He goes and gets one. Says book!

Than no more--nada.

Back to waiting.....

More of US talking. This kid's life has been narrated since the womb.
He loves the ABC song, so we started saying the alphabet all the time, got a bunch of alphabet books...
His fave is Star Wars ABC... 

He was  (and still is) making all KINDS Of letter sounds, and starting to recognize them...

But still not a lot of talking.

Have I talked about my lack of patience?
Or my Husband's overwhelming paranoia?

That's been fun.

 We just kept on talking, talking, talking, talking!
Singing too. He's kinda obsessed with music.

He's now a little over 19 months.

He says:
NO-his favorite

Up-When he wants you to pick him up...

Cow-pretty much any animal is a cow. Moo!

Hat-He puts anything on his head and calls it a hat.

Bye bye-he started saying bye bye, but now it's turned into "gye gye?"

Cheese-This kid loves him some cheese!

Hi-I love the way he says hi!

ChooChoo-Train...Thank you Thomas.

Car-He's a little Boston about it, "Caah!"

Fruck-Truck. This one's gonna get us in trouble I can see it now. It's so adorable.

Huh-Hug. He hasn't got the G down yet...

Gigi-My MIL.

Notice anything missing from the list?

Oh, right:

Mama and Dada.

WTF, Kid?

I mean, fine, screw Dada (kidding honey! Ahem...), but I was GUTTED for you!
Where's my "hi, Mama?!!!


And he won't say all of them consistently.
He knows what they are, but it's like he just has chattier days than others...
He still babbles up a storm and he recognizes a bunch of the alphabet, yet he's not all that wordy.
Seems to talk only when he damn well pleases... Hmmmmph!

Has anyone else had that experience?
Should I be concerned?
His pediatrician doesn't seem to be...

But let's ask the really important question here:

Why won't he say Mama, damn it?

Fruckin' annoying, if you ask me.

Mama is kidding, O. She loves you always. But would it KILL you to say Mama? I'm just sayin'.


Amelia said...

My daughter was fluent in animal before she ever tried english. I was getting worried when all she'd do was bark and neigh at us. She's 22 months now and is talking up a storm, but it's started so recently. She had mama, dada, nae nae, (granny) and pa pa (grampa) down, but she refused to say uncle mark, or anything close to it until last week. He sees her everyday, and would try to get her to say his name constantly. She laughed and said no way (he taught her that, fitting). It was a game to her. She's just now started saying Marky. Not what he was hoping for. It's purposeful, she's messing with him I know it. We'll be in trouble later..

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!

So I hear that boys start talking a little later than girls. That what people keep telling me.

We were very worried about little Elliott, but he is very slowly comeing along:)

Hang in there mama!

Cave Momma said...

Olivia was the same way. She would say a word (like horse or seal) once then no more. It was like she was thinking, "ok, I can say that. Cool, lets move on." And yeah, momma came last. I would worry just like any mom does but he will talk. Any good pedi will tell you they are more concerned with comprehension. He obviously hears you so it isn't hearing related and he obviously understands you. Those are the 2 determining factors. I know of a girl who's boy didn't talk till almost 4. He is now 6 (or 7?) and perfect. Just keep with the talking and singing and he'll do it when he's ready.

MadeByErin said...

Believe you me, there WILL be a day that you will say out loud, "kid, do you ever STOP talking???" (and there will likely be a subsequent blog about it too). It happened with nearly all of the kiddos I babysat. One day you look at them in their blabberness and go, when and where did you find all these words and why must you use them ALL right NOW?? Said lovingly of course, but they all catch up at one point or another and all eventually speak. Usually if you stop talking, they start. The wheels are definitely turning with him, I could see it. Maybe he's just working on the 10-cent words rather than that cheapies for his vocab! :) I'm gonna grill up a mad grilled cheese for dinner tonight in honor of Owen.

Jayne said...

Amelia-Fluent in Animal? I love that!

Russell-Thanks, friend! This parenting gig is stressful!

Jeneva-Thanks for your feedback! I totally feel like O is just moving onto the next thing! Ha!

Erin-Yay! Grilled cheese!


ahhh my youngest had about 3 words at that age, he was sooo quiet. He started day care one day a week,and suddenly started singing the songs he'd learned there, slowly he started with a few words here and there. Funnily enough as a teen getting him to talk was like pulling teeth too

Leighann said...

Ours is 14 monts and she calls everything a BAAAAA.
She loves books and can sign the word book. She can sign everything but we have to really work to get her to say it!
Mumma has just started but Dadda was her first word. Believe me I was jealous!