Thursday, May 17, 2012

Restful Regression

A post or so ago, I mentioned our struggles with O's sleep...I'd link it, but I'm doing this from my later...

The basic gist?
He wasn't sleeping.

I finally decided the problem was an issue of freedom.

Not lighting (blackout shades)
Toys (all taken out)
Or even scheduling (for the most part)

It's that he could get out whenever the hell he felt like it.

And did.
And jumped
And rolled
And played

After months of -5am wake ups & no naps, I kinda snapped...

So I made Husband set up his pack n play & we plopped him in it.

Guess what?

He slept.
And he napped.

Holy shit.

Yes, he threw a hissy at first, but for the most part?

It's totally worked.


Instead of taking an hour+ for him to fall asleep at bed time & waking up at 5am or before, he now takes maybe 30 mins at night & wakes between 6-6:45 am!


Nap time is still a bit tricky (like today, he refused to nap), but over the last 2 weeks, it usually takes about 30 minutes of him chatting it up with himself & then he falls asleep!


I am a genius.

Then my Huz came in with his worried face--like he does, & started talking about O "regressing."

As in going from a big-boy bed back to a baby crib, of sorts...

Wasn't that a bad thing?
And what about when the Baby comes?
He'll be almost 3!


Honestly, if it were up to ME, he'd probably still be sleeping in bed with us...but that's another subject...

And the only reason we moved him from his crib when we did is because he started climbing out of it & his Pediatrician scared the bejeezus out of us...

So I was not AT all bothered by putting him in the pack n play (can't get a climbing grip on mesh walls, sucker!).

I mean, let's focus here:

That was the important thing, right?

As far as Baby Girl, she'd be sleeping with us for the 1st 6 months at least, so no worries there...

And I repeat:
He's sleeping!

That's all she wrote, folks...
All other arguments are invalid.

But then...
Like you do...

I started worrying that maybe this COULD be hampering his development somehow...


After thinking long and hard about it, I've come to a decision:

You know what hampers development?

Sleep deprivation and over-tired mamas.

The pack n play it IS.

One more time for effect:

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Jaime White said...

I really don't think this is going to harm his development. I think you get a kid to sleep no matter what, it is like more important than eating!!!

Freddie has started climbing out of his crib...not sure what to do about that, because I know I will have the same issue with him...not that the crib really contains him either.

Also, I had a friend who had a little boy, then had twins just 22 months later. Damn if my girl did not have THREE cribs up in her house!!! And they all stayed in cribs until the little boy was about 3.5, almost 4!!! He's doing just worries.