Friday, October 22, 2010

Gall-Gate 2010: The Final Showdown

Woke up at 2 (after falling asleep at 12:30ish) with another gall bladder attack.

Complete with nausea!
Been up since then!


I think this makes I think this rounds me up to a solid ten.

No big deal, right?

Who doesn't love a wake up call O' pain?

Me, that's who.

But that bastard's days as my gall bladder are numbered.

Surgery is set for next Friday.


I'm relieved freaked.

What if I die?

Who will take care of my boys?
Totally not how I wanna go out!
Death by gall bladder?

That's just insulting. Thankyouverymuch!

(I know I probably WON'T die, but neuroses are hard to control on no sleep)

The surgeon hopes to do it via laproscopic, but won't know 'til he's all up in there whether I'll have to be filleted or not...

...So waking up will be all surprisey and stuff.

Yay Surprises!

PS. The GastroGuy called and it looks like I don't have colon cancer/ulcerative collitis/Celiac disease/etc. It's just probably Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Could I BE any sexier right now? Honestly.

PPS. Question: Why are my insides so effing pissy? Whatta bunch of Bitches.


Endellion said...

since it's not cancer all those test were free right? RIGHT?

After they remove the gall bladder fake your own death and change your name to calamity
calamity jayne yes it suits you well

JennyLou said...

1. You won't die.
2. I love you.
3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for laproscopically...that's how mine was done, but I remember them saying the same thing to me... "We can usually get it laproscopically, BUT sign this form saying we may have to cut you open!"
4. I love you.
5. Thank God you don't have cancer!
6. I love you!!!

KJ said...

I DO love you, Courtney, and I am glad you are getting the surgery you need. I hope and pray all goes smoothly and that recovery is rapid. Take care, and be good to you!