Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just when I think I can't stands no mo', my Husband puts on a "Sexy Bee" Costume.

Oh, yeah.

It was something to behold, my friends....

So here's how it all went down:

We went shopping today for O's bday party (which is going to be a Halloween-themed bash, and we're encouraging all guests to get their costume on!) to take our minds off the current shitstorm we find ourselves in, and we picked up all KINDS of CUTE in terms of decor items and we also snapped up the makings of our costumes.

We decided that no matter what was going on financially, it was important for us as a family to make sure that O's big day was special, and celebrated with panache!

BUT, All on the Cheeeeeap.

That took some creativity, as these things usually do-

Using Blind Melon as inspiration; I decided I would dress up as a Bee.

It seemed like a bright, cheerful (I thought it'd be a nice change of pace for me, Eh?) thing to be, and seemed like a relatively easy get-up to cobble together.

I was all set to go except for the keyest of my Bee ensemble-the wings and antennae, aka "deelyboppers" according to the Hubs...

This just would NOT do!

No way I wanted to be mistaken for some sort of Drag-Charlie Brown.

(Although...interesting idea....)

So we set off on a search for my missing links...

We thought this was going to be a cheap and easy mission and we were soon proved wrong.

Nothing, nowhere, No HOW, unless we wanted to spend a ridiculous amount.

We'd just about given up, when we spotted a Bee costume in CVS (of ALL places?!) on a mega clearance rack and decided to give it a looksie...

It came with a dress, tights, arm warmers, wings, and of COURSE, deelyboppers. Plus?


Two problems though:

1. It was a "Flirty Bee" [Read: SLUTTASTIC and totally innapropos for my son's 1st bday party]

2. It was made for a delicately-boned Malaysian boy

But Husband had a stroke of ::Genius::

We'd buy the costume and cannibalize it for parts!


So home we went, VICTORIOUS.

As we got home though, I started to feel that old familiar surge of panic....

"We spent too much"
"We should return everything"
"That was irresponsible"

And so forth.

I'm trying to keep this all to myself, and fighting the urge to start crying over the absurdity of our lives at the moment when as if on cue-

I look up to see my husband shimmying himself into the "SexBee" outfit.

Complete with wings, and you guessed it, DEELYBOPPERS.

No joke. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

(I still can't believe he shoved himself into could hear ripping as he moved...)


Tragically, he would not allow photographic evidence of any kind.

So just work the image out for yourself:

This Dude:

Parading around in this little number:
(Remember honey, you can find anything on the webnets)


And whatever picture you've got crafted in your mind?

Can't even TOUCH the real deal.

Maaaaan. I love my Husband.

I don't know how I'd make it without him....(and O, obviously.)...


Kacie said...

love it! one time one of my brothers put on my favorite shirt and it ripped.. wasn't so funny that time :)

kris said...

You may not know this about me, but I always prefer a story without photos. I love when a writer is able to use her words to paint me a picture.

And I see the picture.

And it is glorious.

Your husband?


He is awesome.