Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NOH8. Today or EVER.

In honor of GLBT Spirit Day, This is my Facebook Status Today:

Rock your purple today, friends. Adults and CHILDREN across the country (the world) are suffering abuse and dying due to hatred, intolerance, and hopelessness. NOT because of their own "choices". It is NEVER okay for a person, let alone a child, die or be tortured because they are different. To all of the GLBT community out there: I support you and ♥ you! Stay strong. You are not alone. You are not forsaken.

I stand by that statement. Wholeheartedly. I cannot and DO NOT believe that homosexuality/being transgendered is a choice.

{I know the scriptures, I do. Please refrain from bombarding me with them.}

I'll say it again:

I believe with every fiber of my being that it is not a choice. Nor is it a mistake, a mental illness, or an abomination.

It is as natural as my heterosexuality.

If that offends you, that is your choice.

I am not going to attempt to change your mind-just stating mine.

I will ask this though of those who don't support Gay Rights/The GLBT community:

Despite your personal opinions or religious convictions, find it in your heart to show some support today for the kids who have died or are struggling because of anti-gay bullying/torturing.

They were not/are not degenerates trying to tear the moral fabric of society or dethrone whatever G-d you follow, they are CHILDREN who are trying to find out who they are. Where they fit, and what love is.

They are your children and they are mine. They deserve our love, support and protection.

They deserve Hope. Not Hate.

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Britt said...

I find it endlessly frustrating that we now have study upon study upon study that all prove one's sexuality is completely IN YO BRAINZ; that a homosexual man's brain is wired in the attraction area almost EXACTLY like a hetero female's, and the same goes for lesbians brains resembling straight mens'---AND YET we still have countless religious figures clinging to their precious little books saying that facts mean nothing. It boils my brains. Just like with evolution. A theory? Yes. Proven only as much as gravity is a theory, but a theory nonetheless, you're right.

I was the wierd girl in my school (SHOCKING I know) and actually had a kid (who is now a dear friend and I married into his family) who barely knew me Freshman year of HS and saw me dressed strangely and told me for weeks to kill myself. He would pantomime slitting my wrists in class. It was awful. Even though at that point I was much stronger than I had ever previously been, getting THAT LEVEL of negative feedback did make me thing=k about it again, wonder why I was here, wonder why no liked me and wouldn't everyone just be better off without me. Bullying is natural, you can see it in any social animal in nature. But this targeting especially of gay (or even just kids who others suspect) is unforgivable. It's the country's newest Salem Witch Trials, and we're killing children. It's disgusting. years from now, our children and grandchildren will look at us/those involved in this bullshit as Nazis, villians, wondering how we could be so cruel...

I better get off this soap box now...